Study Tips for Class 11 that’ll help you have the Best Preparation for Exams

By Paridhi, Siddhika, Yuvaja



For most students, exams are the most dreaded thing in the world. But still, we should admit that exams have made our student life more interesting and colorful. Last-minute exam preparations, group studies that we all messed up, and discussion after exams are all exciting moments during exams. And each one of us goes through a lot of stress and anxiety during our exam times. To ease the stress of your exams, here are a few tips to get a good score in the second term of class 11.

In the board exams of class 10th, we have studied almost all subjects but in class 11th & 12th that is not the case. One selects their specified stream for further studies.

Thus class 11th plays an important role.

Some tips to help you in class 11 are as follows:

  • Proper Schedule- Have a proper schedule containing specific study timings for all subjects. It must have an equal distribution for all subjects but must also contain periods to cover difficult subtopics or weak areas that you don’t understand well.
  • Pace yourself Out- Don’t do too much together. Understandably, you may panic and begin doing everything together. But this is not practical and nor can you cover much like this. Pace yourself and your content out, work towards it slowly but surely. It will help you understand whatever you’ve covered to the best of your abilities.
  • Study Smart- Class 11 is when you learn to study hard as well as study smart. This means that you put in your best efforts to get precisely what the question asks for. Beating around the bush isn’t encouraged. You must understand the exact requirement of the question and answer accordingly. Mugging up won’t help you here, it is better to understand the concept and core point of the sub-topic.
  • Physical and Co-curricular Activities- Studies don’t mean that you give up on your other hobbies and leave everything altogether. Take breaks in between and engage in physical activities that activate your mind and body and energize yourself. Not only that, class 11 is the best time to work upon your co-curricular activities and built up a proper portfolio. This helps in getting college admissions later on.
  • Know your Syllabus- Knowing and understanding your syllabus helps you plan out your study plans better, helping you score more. Not only that, it helps you understand which topics are more/ less important and the weightage of each chapter.
  • Follow NCERT- It is often said to students that NCERT is your Bible and it’s true. Thoroughly go through the NCERT and clarify any doubts you have. It is among the best base-building books you may read.
  • Work on your Weak Areas- You must work on improving and doing better especially in areas that you find difficult. Once you begin practicing those specific concepts, again and again, you’ll observe that these are actually easy and you are able to understand them quite well too.
  • Practice Previous Years’ Papers- These help you understand the paper format and the way to answer a certain type of question. They also test your knowledge retention and application and are ideal for helping in self-assessing what all needs to be worked upon from the subject course.

Have Breaks- Breaks are important as they help you retain information whilst energizing you to continue studying. They help you retain more information over time and help motivate your mind and body.

Importance of having good terms in Class 12:

  • It is important to learn all basic concepts of 11th or else you will get stuck in the subject in 12th.
  • It will make you habitual of studying, which is important for class 12 as well.
  • It helps in developing a complete hold over the subject.
  • It will make you habitual in learning the matter.
  • For developing a good conceptual understanding of a particular subject.
  • For entrance exams, the knowledge of class 11 is equally important as the knowledge gained in class 12.
  • For developing the habit of smart hard work.
  • Last but not least, it will boost your confidence as well help you do your best in your examinations.


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M                                                                                           A
A                                                                                            B
T                                                                                             T
O    A    S        S       E       S         S         M       E       N       T
R    T     E       R      M       C       O          N       F       I         D       E      N    C   E
              S       Y        L      L          A         B       U        S
              R       E       D     U          C         T        I         O      N