"Choose a Job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

    Job Application

    Why us?

    Flexible working hours

    You can work according to your convenience at any time, but adhering to the deadlines is a must. Also Vidyam never burdens its employees with overwork. We understand your mindset and only provide you responsibilities according to your capabilities.

    Motivation from peers

    Even if you lag behind in few parameters, you can always consult your peers who are always ready to help to you for any kind of guidance. You will not be only assigned tasks but you will be given proper guidance and training to complete the same. And in case of any problem you will never face humiliation at the hands of employers.

    Friendly environment

    There will always be a friendly, fun and informal environment post work hours. You will not be treated as an employee but a part of the Vidyam family. You will become a part of the workshops, full sessions, games and much more amazing real life experiences at Vidyam Tutorials.

    Startup experience

    Since Vidyam is a startup, so if you are someone who is enthusiastic to learn and gain experience of corporate world then Vidyam is the best place for you. Here you will experience everything from the scratch. You will be able to work in the area of your preference and gain knowledge of the areas where you are weak.