How to prepare best for Accounts Boards? ​

By Tiyasha, Karmuki, Honey

Accountancy is considered as one of the toughest subjects in commerce and is not at all a subject to be taken for granted. Though this is considered as one of the challenging subjects, one needs to be focused more to achieve good marks.

We observed that students often get nervous in this subject during the examination, so we are here to reduce the nervousness and solve queries of the students through this blog. Here, we will discuss how students should approach this subject for boards and how to score more in the subject.

Accountancy needs a solid foundation as it includes many tricks and techniques to perform well in the subject. This subject generally deals with the economic data of the company or the organization.  

Let’s have a look at the preparation steps to follow to make the accountancy exam a successful one: -

Step 1:

Attention towards format:

Even while practicing the sums, be cautious about the format, in preparing journals, ledgers, balance sheets, asset and liability, debit and credit columns, and whenever creating the ledger account, you can make the entries in their respective accounts instead of preparing them individually, and the account & statements should have proper headings.

Step 2:

A strong foundation in theory:

You must build a strong foundation on the chapters that include meanings, definitions, applications, important concepts, features, advantages & disadvantages, and examples.

Step 3:

Make a list of formulae:

Preparing a formulae chart for each chapter and revising it on a regular basis is the best way to remember it. This develops a good understanding and learning of formulae.

Step 4:

Examine and solve the past year’s papers:

Analyzing the past year’s accountancy board papers, which are available online and in books, will give you a comprehensive idea. Solving the question paper within the time limit mentioned, will boost your confidence, and help you to manage the time during the final board examination.

Step 5:

Cover all the chapters in the book:

Cover each chapter thoroughly, never quit any part, because direct or indirect questions are always possible to ask in accountancy board question papers.

General tips to focus on before the accountancy examination:

  • Step wise marks are also awarded in the examination, you don’t need to panic if you don’t get the final answer or if you feel the answer is incorrect, you will be granted marks for the steps that you’ve completed before it.
  • Practice your calculations because this saves time and improves the accuracy of your answer.
  • Avoid experimenting with different learning sources; stick to your book, which is recommended.
  • Try beginning to solve the previous year’s accounts question paper a month before the board examination.
  • While practicing with the past year’s papers, if you are unable to remember any accounting concept or to solve a question, return to the topic, understand it, and then try it again.
  • You must also concentrate on the working notes and present them in a clear manner that might be considered when awarding marks.
  • Finally, try to answer the simple questions first, and then go on to those that you are less familiar with. Mark the questions you’ve answered and those for which you don’t have an answer and make a note of the questions that you’ll be working on later.

Therefore, Accountancy is a subject of accuracy and the one who is involved in it needs the skill to perform it. This is so because these subjects require formulas and techniques to acquire accurate outcomes, and this will be achieved when you practice more. So, practice more and more for the perfect outcome. To conclude we can say that practice and hard work is the key to success. Nothing is considered as tough until you are able to solve it.


Match the Following: –

A group                                                     B group       

1.Challenging Subject                 A.2021-22

2.Double entry system               B.If you do not get a final answer

3.Key success is the                    C.Credit-Debit

4.Do not get panic                      D.Accountancy

5.Year of board pattern             E.Hard work


  1. D
  2. C
  3. E
  4. B
  5. A

Hope you enjoyed our content! See you soon! Sayonara!